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Your Moodle Profile

How to personalise the settings for your Moodle sites.

Your Moodle profile contains personalised settings which apply to all the Moodle course sites in which you are enrolled.

This includes the e-mail address that Moodle uses to communicate with you, the image which appears alongside your contributions to course discussions, how you receive information from discussion forums to which you are enrolled, and what information about you is revealed to other users.

You can make changes to these at any time as follows:

You can edit your profile from any course or your Moodle Homepage.

To edit your profile, locate the “Settings” block which is probably near the top at the right-hand side of the Moodle window.

Select “My profile settings” and “Edit Profile”.

Note that some entries with a red asterisk require an entry.

Some items have a blue question-mark icon - click on this to see a pop-up explanation.

More detailed help is available if you click on the "Moodle Docs for this page" link at the bottom of the window.

When you have finished making any changes to your Moodle Profile you need to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Update profile" button.

General settings

Check the following settings, in particular…

First name & Surname: If these are not correct you can make corrections

Email address: The default address for messages from Moodle is your official University email account (which is where all official messages will be sent, for example from the library). You can substitute a more convenient personal email address if you wish (but you still need to monitor your @aucklanduni.. email account or set up forwarding from it.
You cannot leave this blank - you need to enter some address.

Email display: Choose one of the three options to determine who can see your e-mail address. Note that this applies to other students only -[ lecturers and administrators can always see you e-mail address.

Email digest type: If you subscribe to forums (see information elsewhere) but would like to receive only one e-mail each day you can choose to receive digests. There are three options  -
(a) No digest (but copies of each individual message,
(b) Complete (copy of all full messages once a day); or
(c) Subjects (one daily email with the subject only of each message).

Forum auto-subscribe: If this is turned on you will be automatically subscribed to any forum if you post a message to it (you can unsubscribe later if you wish).

Forum tracking: If this is turned on you will see tracking of unread posts in all forums (which can be changed at a later time if you wish, as noted above.

Subscribing to discussion forums: You can subscribe to (and un-subscribe from) individual forms within each course that you are taking.
The e-mail settings in the profile do not change those choices.

User picture

You can upload a picture (a photo of yourself or a representative avatar) which will appear alongside your name in discussion postings, user listings, and sine other contributions that you make to the course.

The picture on screen will be small and square so, if you are able, you may want to crop your picture so that it will make the best use of that space. The picture that you upload must be of .jpg or .png format and no greater than the maximum stated size (usually 50 MB). It will be cropped if not square, and resized automatically to 100 pixels square.

Upload a picture dialogue

To delete the current picture: If you want to delete an existing picture, click in the "Delete" check box.

To upload a picture: You can either search for the picture on your computer using the directory structure or you can drag and drop the icon of the picture into the Moodle window:

(a) to drag and drop:
Open up the directory window containing the picture file so that you can see both that window and the Moodle window on your screen at the same time;
Use your mouse to drag the picture icon onto the large arrow in the "Files" box of the Moodle window.

(b) Alternatively
Click on the word "Add" under "New Picture" in Moodle
This opens the File Picker window.

Choose "Upload a file"
Click on "Browse" and then use your computer's directory to locate and "Open" the required picture
The name pf the picture file will appear in the "Attachments" box.
Click on the "Upload this file" button.
The file will appear in the "Files" box

(c) The process will be completed when you click on the "Update profile" button at the bottom of the Moodle window.

Interests and Optional items

There are spaces at the bottom of the profile for you to enter a list of your "interests" and also optional information about your personal communications - such as mobile 'phone number and Skype address. These may be useful for your course lecturers to know, but they are generally not used at present in the Faculty.

Click on the "Update profile" button at the bottom of the window.

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