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Recommendations for posting a message in a discussion forum

Always take your lecturer's lead on how they expect you to contribute to an online discussion. 

Some online discussions are more informal than other areas of your course, while others will be very academically-oriented discussions. 

Regardless, good writing reflects good thinking. Take time to craft a discussion post that clearly articulates your thoughts and reflections, in relation to the other students' posts.  Below are some tips to consider before posting.

Questions to ask yourself before you post...

  •     Have I read the earlier postings (unless I am first)?
  •     What reading/s could be relevant?
  •     How does this relate to relevant theories?
  •     What are my personal experiences on this topic?
  •     What position will I take on this question?
  •     What other questions or issues might enhance the discussion?

How can I present my comment so that it…

  •     Is clear and inviting to other readers.
  •     Is succinct and not too long.
  •     Provides feedback on other comments.
  •     Progresses the discussion.
  •     Expresses my opinions, and experiences where appropriate.
  •     Relates to relevant readings.
  •     Adds issues and ideas for others to think about.
  •     Encourages interaction.

[adapted from Nola Campbell (2005) of Waikato University]     

Last modified: Thursday, 13 June 2013, 2:34 PM