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MyPortfolio is an online system developed in New Zealand, and internationally used, as a digital platform for students to create and share e-portfolios of learning or work. E-portfolios promotes learner autonomy, reflection, and online collaboration amongst peers and lecturers. It also offers a space for students to authentically voice stories, enabling learners to reflect on their personal learning journey, and to share their insights with chosen learning communities. 

At the Faculty of Education the use of MyPortfolio offers a number of benefits.  Teacher Education students can capture and reflect their learning journey by selecting significant artifacts, as well as use these artifacts to demonstrate that they have met the Graduating Teachers Standards.  For educators emphasis is placed on the learning process of developing an e-portfolio and the “rich and complex processes of planning, synthesizing, sharing, discussing, reflecting, giving, receiving and responding to feedback” (JISC 2008, p.6).

The e-portfolio process has five key stages, defined by Di Biaseet et al. (2002). Each stage is intertwined with the other and provides a framework for learners to progress through their e-portfolio journey.

  1. Collection of material: students save artifacts that represent achievements in their learning and practice (i.e. assignments and reflections);
  2. Selection: students review and evaluate materials that are significant to their learning goal or specific standard;
  3. Reflection: students provide reflective commentary on their selection of artifacts;
  4. Projection (or Direction): students compare their current achievements or learning outcomes with performance indicators;
  5. Presentation: students share their portfolios with teachers and peers.

The majority of the Teacher Education programmes are now using MyPortfolios.  Your lecturer will communicate with you whether or not you will be expected to use MyPortfolios within your programme.

For more information about MyPortfoliio and its community, go to;

To login to MyPortfolio, click here


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