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CECIL is the “official” University of Auckland (developed in-house) Learning Management System (LMS) used by both students and staff. It is an online platform that has been created to manage aspects of course organization and administration, linking students to course information, student grades and official course evaluations. 

Although every course offered at the university has an associated Cecil course, the way it is used will vary depending on the lecturer.  For the majority of Flexi course Moodle is the chosen platform to deliver online learning rather than Cecil.  However, your lecturer may direct you to Cecil to check your Course grades and complete an official evaluation.

For face to face courses Cecil is most commonly used by teaching staff, alongside all Faculty courses, in order to:

  • Distribute resources to students. (A variety of formats and file types can be uploaded to CECIL, including course notes, power point presentations, video files, audio files and web-links);
  • Communicate with students by posting announcements to a class  (announcements are emailed automatically to students’ university email address);
  • Manage and submit student marks;
  • Provide online summative course evaluations.

For more information about Cecil, go to:

To access Cecil, go to:


Last modified: Monday, 16 July 2012, 10:42 AM