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Expectations for your Course

Each lecturer, and each course, is as unique as you are.  Ensure you understand the specific expectations set in your courses.  If in any doubt, ask your lecturer to clarify any expectations relating to your learning and course assessment.

In general, you can expect your lecturers to …

  • Endorse and support the place of online work and learning in a professional programme
  • Communicate clearly to you about the frequency of checking and responding to messages posted in the Moodle site.
  • Respond to unanswered queries within reasonable timeframes
  • Signal clearly when you can expect feedback on formative and assessment tasks
  • Make the course requirements as clear as possible
  • Model professional ethics and be open to discussion and negotiation concerning online behaviour

You are expected to:

  • Read and abide by the relevant University policies regarding academic honesty and coursework and to seek clarification where these are not clear to you
  • Check your University EC Mail (email) and your course Moodle web site regularly
  • Participate regularly in online tasks, reflection and discussions
  • Keep up with your readings and course materials as laid out in the course outline
  • Seek help and support from your peers as well as your lecturers
  • Give support and assistance to your peers where you are able to - this supports an effective online learning community and your peers will be more likely to support and assist you!
  • Request feedback and asistance from University staff within reasonable time limits (e.g. posting a message at 11.30 a.m. on the due date for the assignment is leaving it just a little late!) and realise that lecturers have, and are entitled to, evenings and weekends too
  • Share your ideas and experiences with your class members as appropriate in an ethical manner
  • Keep backup electronic copies on your own computer of all of your work and check to ensure that your assignments are properly submitted in the required format.
Last modified: Tuesday, 20 August 2013, 1:59 PM