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LiveBinders - 80%

LiveBinders is a free bookmarking service which can be used to collect web resources together into thematic tabs and shared to designated audiences. It can be used as a presentation tool, organising and showcasing blog entries, webpages, documents and other media created and collected throughout the learning journey. Basically a very simplified ‘drag-and-drop’ website creator with privacy controls, which can be used as a nice, simple ePortfolio.

More background and useful information.

Easy to use

Very easy to use, just copying and pasting links into ‘tab’ URL field



Concept of collecting bookmarks into visual tabs can create a very cluttered interface and the current service provides unattractive layout and type options.



Ability to create access key to allow only select few people access


Collaborative Editing

Collaborative features available



No automated export function found


RSS Feed

no RSS function found


Mobile Device Friendly

iPad and Android apps available


Text editor 10/10
Image integration 10/10
Video integration 10/10

Visually clunky and cluttered, but effective


Theme customisation

Somewhat limited visual customisation available



76/95 = 80%

Help Links

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An education expert's blogpost

Wiki pages devoted to LiveBinders info

LiveBinders tips and tricks

Basic Instruction for Getting Started with Livebinders

Sign Up

Go to and signup for a free LiveBinders account.

Create a New Binder

  1. Create a new binder by clicking on Create Binder Tab or by clicking on the Start a Blank Binder Icon;
  2. Fill out the required fields: Add a name, description, and add any tags;
  3. Start by making your Binder Private – this can be changed at the end of the session or when you are finished developing your binder;
  4. Give it an access key so you can share it for feedback;
  5. Click Create New Binder.


Notice your new binder has 3 tabs. Name your tabs by clicking on the tab and entering a name. LiveBinders has an auto save feature and will automatically save your changes for you. To add a new tab, click on any of your current tabs and click on the yellow triangle. Choose add a new tab. The yellow triangle also allows you to delete and move your tabs.


  1. To add a Subtab, click on the yellow triangle and choose Add New Subtab.
  2. Notice you will have Subtabs display under your tabs in hierarchical order.
  3. Add additional Subtabs by performing step 1 above or by clicking on a subtab and using the yellow triangle. You can order and delete subtabs in the same manner.

Adding Content: Files

Use the Edit Menu to customize your LiveBinder. Click on the Edit Menu button to bring up the Edit Menu. This is what you will use to add content to your LiveBinder, change the layout of your tabs , and change your LiveBinder’s properties.

  1. To upload files click on the Tab or Subtab you want to add your file to;
  2. Then click on the Edit Button to bring up the Edit Menu;
  3. Then click on Upload File and choose file to select your document;
  4. Once you have selected your document, click on upload. The document will appear in your binder.

Text Layout

Text Layout allows you to change the appearance of your LiveBinder’s page. To change the layout of the page, click on Edit Menu. Then click on Text Layout. Choose the Layout from the choices displayed by clicking on the icon. Media in LiveBinders is considered websites, documents, Images, and movies.

Editing and Adding: Adding a URL

  1. Copy the URL from the page you want displayed in your binder;
  2. Paste it into the Enter URL field and click insert;
  3. The website will then display in your binder’s page.
  4. Click on Edit Menu > Upload File
  5. Click on Choose File, select desired Image
  6. Click on Upload
  7. Your photo will be displayed in your Binder. Make sure to resize the photo for the web.

Editing and Adding : Adding an Image (your own or from Flickr)

Resizing Photos in iPhoto: Choose the photo you want to use and click on it. Chose File > Export. Select SMALL for the size. Click ExportResizing.

Photos in Microsoft Office: Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager and select desired photo and click on export picture. Choose either Web – Large OR Web – Small. Click OK. You can also insert Flickr Images by clicking on Edit Manu > Insert Media > Flickr Images. Search for Flickr Images right in LiveBinders. Look for copyright free creative commons and LOC images in Flickr.

Editing and Adding: Editing Text

Click inside the Text Box to edit. A toolbar will appear and you will find basic editing tools for text size, numbering, centering, inserting images and pasting from Word. Click on the Yellow Triangle to discover more editing tools such as font style and size, highlighting, text color, bold, italics and html.

LiveBinder It Tool – Social Bookmarking

Add the It Tool to your toolbar to create a binder of resources to share with your audience. From the LiveBinders Website, click on the LiveBinder It Tool Tab. Scroll down to How to Add ‘LiveBinder It’ to Your Browser Toolbar and drag the link to your toolbar. Click OK. You should now see LiveBinder It on your toolbar. Click on the tool to add links to an existing LiveBinder or create a New Binder

Adapted from LiveBinders Tutorial by Ellen Cordeiro

Last modified: Wednesday, 24 July 2013, 3:51 PM