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Four Conditions of Use

What are you agreeing to when you log in to Moodle 2 the first time, and click "Yes" to accept the agreement?

IMPORTANT: Read these terms and conditions of use carefully before you click "Yes" because you will be bound by the four conditions of use below.

By clicking "Yes" below, prior first to entering your Moodle course website you agree to the four Conditions of Use outlined below for each subsequent entry to your Moodle site.

Familiarise yourself with critical University of Auckland policies, regulations and information, by following the links provided which deal with: The University of Auckland student charter and code of conduct, online IT security, academic honesty, cheating, plagiarism, ethics, privacy, confidentiality, responsibility, copyright and intellectual property as well as netiquette (online etiquette).

Conditions of Use

Each time I interact online:

  1. I agree to keep my online password and information secure and safe by following the Information Technology policies of The University of Auckland.

  2. As a student of The University,  I agree to follow the STUDENT ACADEMIC CONDUCT STATUTE as set out by The University of Auckland.  I will interact with others online in an ethical manner, taking responsibility for myself and my contributions.  I will not cheat, plagiarise or represent any work I have not created myself, or that I have contributed to as part of a group, as solely my own.

  3. I agree to comply with the Copyright Act 1994 as I share text, image and video online.   I have read the section on Copyright and Intellectual Property and will share outside of my classroom environment only digital material that I have created myself and which does not contain anyone else's copyright work and which I believe to be legally and ethically appropriate.

  4. I agree to use online interactions for academic purposes and to behave at all times in an ethical and professional manner following accepted standards of "Netiquette".  I will keep confidential the work, conversations and examples shared in online settings, especially examples taken from practicum experiences.


Last modified: Friday, 20 December 2013, 10:31 AM