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Moodle Hub

Online Security and Network Safety

Moodle site administrators work to provide users with a safe, secure and well operating environment, with password-protected access. The only people who have access to a particular course site are the students and lecturers involved in the course, and some CEDD staff. No one can find out the password of any participant.

If at any time you feel your rights as a user have not been upheld, or if you have any concerns or queries regarding Moodle site access, please contact us immediately at: or Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48159 or 0800 223 352 (option 5).

Users can change their passwords through the University web site, and can ask the EC Service Desk to reset their password if they have forgotten it.

Full information about NetAccount Passwords can be found at

Students and lecturers are advised not to give their passwords to other people. If any participant believes that their password is known to others then they should change it.  If at any stage you are concerned that your security has been breached online, please contact the Network Administrator immediately.

If you are working in Moodle contact:

If you are working in CECIL contact:

If you are working in MyPortfolio contact:

Who is 'visible' online in your course area

The only people who should be visible, and present online, in your Moodle course are people officially enrolled and/or teaching in the course i.e. your course lecturer, course coordinator and course participants.  From time to time a Moodle administrator (CEDD Admin) and/or Faculty of Education librarian (Library Admin) may be present briefly in your course to load course resources, activities and readings for your course lecturer.  If anyone else is 'present' in your Moodle course website they should be identified to you by your course lecturer for a specific purpose.

Last modified: Friday, 20 December 2013, 9:56 AM