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Moodle Help For Staff

Embedding images

To embed an image in a Moodle label, page, or HTML block, enter the editor and look for the 'Insert/edit image' button, symbolized by a tree

Click 'Find or upload an image...', then 'Choose File', and then find and double click the image you want to upload. Click 'Upload this file'

In the 'Insert/edit image' window, you will see a preview of your image. Click 'Insert'

Your picture will now be embedded

To change the size of your picture, click it and then the tree button again. Click the 'Appearance' tab and change the dimensions of the image. Keep 'Constrain proportions' ticked to make sure the image stays in proportion, and then click 'Update'

Last modified: Tuesday, 3 September 2013, 3:57 PM