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ACADPRAC 703: Rethinking the Classroom: Interactive Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age
(14 1 ACADPRAC 703)

Credits: 15 points
Semester 1, 2014-fully online course

Description: How can we provide a "high quality learning environment that maximises the opportunity for [...] our increasingly diverse, demanding and technologically sophisticated student body" (UoA Strategic Plan 2013-2020)? In Rethinking the Classroom, we draw on international best practice in the use of new technologies to promote and support research-informed innovation in teaching and learning that enhances student engagement and achievement. Topics range from digital citizenship, learning spaces, assessment, teaching presence to the future classroom. Assessment includes participation (30%-including online activities and discussions), plan for ‘rethinking your classroom’ (30%) and presentation (40%) on your ‘rethought classroom’ at a virtual conference (including preparation, written paper, presentation and facilitation of online discussions on your paper).